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Friday, February 20, 2009

Regress to a Simpler Time

Just a quick aside:

Ideas are like ants.

There are billions upon billions of them. When you aren't looking for one, they are EVERYWHERE.

Then, when you desperately NEED one ... none are to be found.

That is what my reading week was like.

All except for a brief time with a good friend of mine. It made my day/week and probably month too.

We got together at her place just to talk and catch up. The following has not been edited in any way, shape or form.

K - My boyfriend is weird.
Me - How so?
K - He's a genius with computers, but sucks at English. Seriously.
Me - It happens.
K - Wanna know what I do to help?
Me - What?
K - I read to him.
Me - Really?
K - Yah, it helps him!
K - IT DOES!!!
Me - Well, what do you read him?
K - Well, I'm reading him children's books. I kill two birds with one stone, because I am taking a children's literature course for school. So, in essence, my reading to him is studying! :)
Me - What kinda books?
K - Some Seuss, Treasure Island, Winnie the Pooh
Me - Awesome! Which Winnie the Pooh?
K - House of Pooh
Me - *PAUSE*
K - Wha? Ohhh, David!!
Heheheh, Pooh

And this went on for about another 5 minutes!!!

So there you have it, even though I consider myself and my friend exceptionally smart people, we all have moments like that.

Every now and then, it helps to act like a seven-year-old and laugh at a good ol' fashioned poo joke :)

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At February 26, 2009 at 9:12 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pooh....a classic indeed. I was always a fan of Eeyore and Owl but still loved the entire line-up.


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