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The definitive host: David, a Country Club, South Dakota, and a Delayed Space Shuttle Launch

The definitive host

de·fin·i·tive host (duh-fin'eh-tiv) n. 1) An organism where a parasite undergoes the adult and sexual stages of its reproductive cycle 2) Someone you go to for interesting stories and/or facts, and puts on one hell of a dinner party 3) This blog, devoted to science and other geeky subjects

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

David, a Country Club, South Dakota, and a Delayed Space Shuttle Launch

I have been out of touch lately, I know.

For the past two days, I was stuck in a two-day office retreat at a Golf and Country club in Quebec. Now, I use the word 'retreat' sparingly, as it was not a fun event, not by a long shot. It was more of a, let's review our business practices, kinda thing.

As a summer student, I was told to go. And I knew that I would be bored, as all the information would be fairly useless to me. But, that did not prepare me for how bored EVERYONE ELSE was!

I saw lots of people falling asleep during the various presentations (I won't name names, for fear that they are following my blog), but some very high-level people were nodding off! It was very, very funny.

Because I have been out of the office, I have not had a chance to continue my story, and therefore could not complete the next chapter of my novel. It's ALMOST done, and should be up in a few days.

Before I get to some news, here is something that I was privy too today.

The golf and country club is VERY fancy, like, antique fireplaces, varnished wood and tablecloths kinda fancy. It also has tons of rich old people. During a break in the meetings, I stepped outside and saw three elderly gentlemen smoking cigars. An employee of the club approached them.

Employee: Excuse me sirs, but do you need any help?
**Old Man 1 looks at him from top to bottom**
Old Man 1 (in a Francophone accent): Son, you couldn't help me if you tried!
**All the men laughed, followed by the employee nervously chuckle**
**Old Man 2 took a looooong puff of his cigar**
Old Man 2 (in a dry British accent): Sorry son, but we're still waiting for another member of our party. You run along like a good chap.

I thought these types of things only happened in old movies! Old rich people golfing on a weekday, probably plotting shady business practices, new investments or who to leave out of their wills.

As for David news, I finally booked my trip to South Dakota! Why am I the only one cheering? ... Jerks.

I'll be leaving at the end of August for a few days to film Black-Footed Ferrets in South Dakota.

There are no direct flights from Toronto to South Dakota, apparently, because NO ONE GOES TO SOUTH DAKOTA!!! I just hope everything goes well there.

Lastly, the Space Shuttle is having a doozy of a time, eh? I don't think the shuttle Endeavour will EVER get off the ground. They were supposed to launch in June ... JUNE! And the launch has been delayed again, because of weather.

Makes you feel good about the mental power of NASA, when they delay a multi-billion dollar launch because of weather. Don't you think they would be able to forcast it? They're figgin NASA!

Despite the shuttle not launching yet, my article about it was.

The link is at the top right of your screen ... enjoy!!!!

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