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The definitive host

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Move

Friday was an interesting day at work, but not the good kind. Let me tell you why.

My cubicle, which I share with another student, is right near the boss’s office. While not the ideal place for a perpetual slacker (but highly productive when properly motivated), I made do. I was right near the action.

Granted, it is the government, so there never really was any action. But, if there was, I was RIGHT there to seize it by the reins and yell, "Woahhhh Nelly!"

Then, my boss walked into my cubicle.

Boss - Hi David, and _________ (her name kept secret cause I hate her. Haha, I'm joking of course)
Me - Hi?
Boss - So guess what? You're MOVING! YAY!!
Me - *dumb and blank look*
______ - Why?
Boss - We're getting a new staff member on Wednesday, and we want her to have this one. Paperwork's all done, so you'll move before lunch. Bye!

What you have to understand, is that my last day is August 14th, so I had nine days left (not including Friday), so I reallly didn't see the point in the move. As well, there are plenty of other empty cubicles nearby.

But, I packed up my stuff, and asked to be shown to my new cubicle, thinking it would be close by.

Boy was I wrong.

If you were to have a copy of the architectural plans for this floor, and drew a diagonal line from my old desk (upper left) to the lower right, you would hit my new cubicle.

I am LITERALLY at the lower right corner of the 13th floor. I am surrounded by 2 walls, and 2 cubicle walls, creating, in essence, a box.

A box in which someone would be insane to come visit me.

There are a few bright sides though:
1) I have my own cubicle now
2) The other student (referred to as ______) is right beside me in the next cubicle, and I can talk to her whenever I want
3) I am so far removed, that I could fall asleep or cut out early and no one would be the wiser. Muahahahaha!

Speaking of which, time to put on the iPod and nap.

But before I go, here's a link to the new Weird Al music video, making fun of the White Stripes. Watch it, you'll like it! It's made by the JibJab guys, and it's very funny!

New Weird Al Video - CNR

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