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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Blood, Sweat and Journalism

This has been an exhausting week.

Let me set the stage.

I was one of the people assigned to the Multimedia Team this week, for my course about online journalism. We decided that our over-arching theme would be about the 80th anniversary of the Person's case.

For those who do not remember (such as me,until my partner informed me), in 1929, a case was presented for making women formally recognized as 'persons.' This was spearheaded by five elderly women from Alberta, known as the 'Famous Five'.

My role, along with my partner, was to create an interactive timeline of events that occurred to Canadian women.

It was a lot of work.

My partner, Sage, was great. We divided and conquered.

I took care of all the audio elements and interviews, and she took care of all the visuals.

I won't get into all the trouble we had finding sources and obtaining copyright, but it was very difficult.

On Thursday, we all met at 11:30 am to put it all together. And, other than some hiccups at the beginning, all was well.

That was, until the online application we were using decided to not cooperate. It was supposed to be able to handle multiple audio clips. But, every time you added more than one, the previous one disappeared.

So, at 6:30pm, seven hours after beginning, the decision was made to scrap the ENTIRE thing and start over using Flash.

Suffice to say, that sucked. Seven hours of work ... poof! Gone.

Credit must go to the Technical Instructor, who almost pulled an all-nighter to put it all together, as well as helped everyone else in the program with their separate multimedia elements.

The link to the multimedia elements, entitle "Tough Cookies," will be located under A Selection of my Most Recently Published Articles on the right of your screen.

Please look at the other multimedia elements by Laura and Meg, as well as all the other articles located on the capitalnews.ca website.

Ohh, and my job for the next issue? Podcast interviewer. While I haven't picked a topic yet, guess what the theme will be based around? You guess it: Science!

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At November 6, 2009 at 11:25 AM , Anonymous de Sa said...

I just viewed your 'capital news online' slideshow and videos...very well done! I quite enjoyed it.

I can definitely see other people using this as a resource.

Great job!


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