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The definitive host: Julie, Julia and Joe, and Feeling the Love at Work

The definitive host

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Julie, Julia and Joe, and Feeling the Love at Work


It's been a rough day for your Musings Master. Hell, it's been a rough week and summer.

Let's start from the beginning, as I've kept the humorous events of my life hidden for the past week.

I saw two movies over the weekend, Julie & Julia and G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra.

Joe was an interesting movie, and not in the good way. It was your standard popcorn high-action movie, with guys running fast, stupid dialogue (ex/ the standard, "hit it again, bitch!"), guys with their shirts off and women in skin-tight costumes. Well, that last one isn't that bad! lol

The acting was sub-par, but some of the action scenes weren't bad. It was a decent time waster, as I like to say.

The better movie was Julie & Julia. I saw it because I love Meryl Streep and I LOVE Amy Adams. Despite the estrogen to testosterone ratio being very out of whack and weighed heavily to the estrogen side, it was a very good movie. I really enjoyed it. It had some humour, some heart-warming moments, put a smile on your face, and made you quite HUNGRY (it is a movie all about cooking, after all).

I stick by this statement I told my Mom.

"Julie & Julia was a funnier movie than Apatow's Funny People." Doesn't that seem illogical?

And at the end of J&J, people clapped. I see a lot of movies, and this is a very rare occurrence. When is the last time YOU remember clapping at a movie?

I have only done so a few times, as I only do so when a movie far surpassed my expectations or was simply amazing.

Jurassic Park
Iron Man

As for the rest of the week, work has been slowly lurching towards its inevitable conclusion on Friday, like a wounded gazelle trying in vain to escape a lion who just took a large bite out if its thigh. Who I am in that comparison, I do not know.

And now for the ULTIMATE work story.

My last day at work is tomorrow (Friday), and I booked off the afternoon of Thursday (today) as I needed to go to school and get some forms, hand in others and obtain all my camera equipment. I booked off from 12:30 pm - 4 pm a few weeks ago. Remember this, it becomes important later.

There is an assistant who is not the best at her job because she constantly makes little mistakes and ask people to do parts of her job for her. When I had to hand in some completed articles at around 11:15 am today, she asked me if I was free for lunch, and this is how to conversation went:

Me - I am actually having lunch at 12, as I need to leave here at 12:30 pm.
Secretary - So, you won't be here at 3 pm?
Me - No, I need to get all my camera stuff from school, and then get a refresher course with the camera
Secretary - So, no?
Me - *laughs* Yeah, no.
Secretary - Ohh, that's bad.
Me - Why's that bad?
Secretary - Well, we had a surprise farewell party for you at 3 pm. *pause*
Is there any way you can come after?
Me - Not really, 3 pm is when I am picking up the equipment, and then I need to check that it all works. And then bring ALL the stuff home.
Secretary - What about after that?
Me - I have no idea how long it will take to do all that. And then I'll need to walk and take the bus all the way back to work, which will take around 40 minutes, for a party that would be over? Sounds a little pointless.

She then said she was going to speak to the boss and see if we could move it up.

About 5 minutes later, she walked into my cubicle and told me that the boss is super-busy (which is true), and cannot move it. So, there is nothing she can do.

So, to sum up, my work planned a FAREWELL PARTY for me, but neglected to see if I was even free at that time. But, they had it anyway, when I wasn't even there. And there was going to be cake!

When asked if I could have a piece, the response I got back sums up my experience this entire summer.

"If we remember and don't eat it all, we'll try to save you a piece of your own farewell cake."

Can't you just feel the love?

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At August 13, 2009 at 8:30 PM , Blogger Liz said...

Honestly, I think you should drop everything and just show up at the party...as a surprise. How postmodern would that be? Plus, cake!

Great post and hilarious story. Plus, you've reinforced my desire to see Julie and Julia. If my husband balks, I can say, "Look, plenty of guys liked this movie!" And when he inevitably says, "Name one..." well, now I can. :)


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