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Friday, November 21, 2008

No Rest for the Wicked

Friday night. Ottawa. My place. No plans.

The first Friday night in any number of weeks where I have not had plans, which is a good thing. I had a lot of stuff that I had wanted to get done, not work, but stuff that needed to be done.

I had an early dinner, while watching some TV. TV watching is relaxing ... sometimes too much.

I began to doze off, and was forced to rewind the show probably about half-a-dozen times, so that I could catch the ending.

"SLEEP! I NEED SLEEP!!!" shouted my brain. "I'm tired from a long day of class, as well as a stressful week. Why won't you let me sleep?" it said.

After a short amount of time, I had to give in. I have been fighting sleep for months, and just needed to give in.

I walked to my room, set my alarm for an hour from then and napped.

SILENCE. Dead calm.

Wind howling outside my window, a tree scraping against a fence, a dog barking in the distance. None of those mattered, as I slowly closed my eyes and lapsed into unconsciousness.

My eyes open, bleary from sleep. I look at my clock, 11:55 p.m.

My mind slowly starts working again. Slowly at fist.

"What day is it?"
Check watch
"Friday, almost Saturday. Ok... what happened?"
I pause and breathe, getting oxygen to my brain
I do not recall going to bed, but I remember that I napped.
I check my watch again.. 11:56 p.m.
"Did I.... no... no way," I say to myself.

I napped for almost 5 hours. What does one do in that situation?

I sat on my bed, and contemplated my options:
1) Go back to bed, and wake up early in the morning
2) Go back to bed and try to sleep as long as possible
3) Get up, do some stuff and go to bed later

I chose option #3.

So, here I am at three in the morning updating my blog. My head hurts, my eyes hurt a little and I'm kinda hungry.

I wanted to go to the school library tomorrow morning to do research for a couple of hours before coming back home and doing a bunch of work. I am not too sure I am going to, as my entire day's schedule is now going to be messed up because of my nap need.

I am officially done with naps. The divorce papers are signed, bags are packed and I asked for my CDs to be mailed to me.

I will stay up for a bit longer, before heading off to bed. My PLAN is to wake up and still go to the library tomorrow to start the work I need to get done in this home-stretch of the term.

I pray I have the mental faculties to commit to this plan and actually end up getting work done, as I haven't gotten anything done today.

Or, maybe I'll just stay up ALL night and sleep during the day to slowly become a vampire ... or a nocturnal mole-person.

Any preferences?

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