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The definitive host: Why is this night different from all other nights?

The definitive host

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Why is this night different from all other nights?

That'll be one for the books!

But, let's start at the beginning. And the names have been changed to protect the innocent ... and the guilty.

One of the people in the program, Bangs, came up with an idea to carve pumpkins on Friday. I was actually excited for that, as I was gonna bring out the dissection kit (complete with scalpel, forceps, the works) and impress everyone with my mad skillz. You ALL know I got 'em!

Then, a good friend of mine in the program, Starbuck, came up with an apparently brilliant idea. She went to a 'funk' party last month, and it was "AMAZING!" So, we all agreed to meet up at Bangs' house for a bit and head on over to this place.

So, when I arrive, a whole bunch of people were already there, and we just sat and talked. Finally, Starbuck came with Buffy (another girl in our program) and sat for a bit before we decided to leave. When the time came, Starbuck called for some cabs.

Now, there were 10 of us and two cabs. Now, since cabs can only legally fit four, you think that it would go: four, three, three. Ohh, no no. We're MASTERS students. It went four and seven! Bangs said it best, "It cost us $8 for the cab ride, and $10 for the extra two people. I got no change back from the $20. How does that make sense?"

We arrived at the intersection, and walked to the club. I should have known something was wrong, as there was a total lack of wildlife and the smell of sulphur. Little did I know we had entered Dante's unknown 10th circle of Hell, Ottawa's Chinatown district.

There were people outside the club dressed in Halloween costumes, and, I'll be honest, it was a little weird. But, I figured they had just come from a party. Then, we walk upstiars and the distinct smell of bleach wafted through.
"Right. Starbuck mentioned that below this place was a Veterinary Hospital" ... the weirdness has just begun.

Taking cover, behind two cauldrons filled with candy was a witch. Behind her was the angel of death, and some sort of pagan woman sitting beside her. I pay my $7, and walk in to the room blasting with music.

"Ohhhh, WOW," was my first thought. Followed exceptionally quickly by, "WTF are we doing here?" It was a rave, and not just any rave, a Halloween rave, and not just any Halloween rave, A BAD Halloween rave.

Suffice it to say, everyone looked ridiculous dressed, no matter how you were dressed. You either didn't dress up and looked stupid, or you were dressed up and looked really stupid.

And then, Starbuck walked in. The look on her face was something I'll never forget. It was like some sort of perverted mix between horror, illness, shock, embarrassment and some shame thrown in for fun. She was NOT happy, and apologized profusely to everyone. She looked so sad and embarrassed, that quite a few of us gave her a hug and told her it was ok. Despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary.

Eventually, one of Starbuck's friends came and told us that they were going to another place. By then, a few of us were at a table talking and making the best of our predicament. "I want my $7 worth" said Bangs. I agreed, as did a few others. So, Starbuck and Buffy left to escape the new found discovered level of hell, while we all stayed and played "Never have I ever". For those not aware of how to play, someone makes a statement "Never have I ever... shoplifted", and if you HAVE done it, you take a drink. Fun game, with some interesting tidbits that were shared, none of which will be described here (in breach of our implied confidentiality agreements)...lol

Eventually, we all decided to leave to get some food. Now, I'll eat a lot of stuff, or at least try anything once. The only exception is fish, in which I am allergic too. So, wouldn't you know it, we ended up at a Vietnamese restaurant. The only thing that DIDN'T have fish was the water, and I still stayed away from that to be safe! Ever person around me ordered something with fish or shrimp in it, which made me uncomfortable and slightly nauseous.

The conversation was quite random, but more interesting things were discussed. I learned that Bangs HATES cats, and that another girl in the program, Shark, LOVED the movie Sharkwater (hence the nickname) because I recommended it!

After food, we all decided to head on hoe and I went for a walk with Shark and another girl from the program, Golbal, to their places and then I would catch a cab. We had a nice conversation about life, liberty and the night in general. After we got to Global's place, it was just Shark and I. And, during our walk, we discovered a beer bottle sitting upright.

"I really want to hit it," I said. "Go for it, but hit it against the wall" said Shark.

So, I kicked it, HARD, and it hit the wall, bounced, landed and only the neck of it was broken! So, we decided to do it again, and I hit it even harder, and it bounced off the wall, hit the pavement and shattered. "I love the sound of breaking glass," said Shark. Honestly, WHO doesn't?

And, I took a cab from Shark's place and got home at a totally unreasonable hour, but with memories that will last a LONG time.

Thank you Starbuck, for a night that, in all its ridiculousness, will live in the memories of all us who attended. Although, sadly, I don;t think you will ever, EVER live it down!

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At October 25, 2008 at 4:56 PM , Blogger Claire Brownell said...

As if I'm Adama. I demand to be Starbuck.
Also, should I be using nicknames? It seems to be the trend in the MJ blogosphere. I guess I should have thought that out a little more before putting people's full names into a fake news story that quotes them at a Halloween rave that's the site of an untimely death... hm.

At October 25, 2008 at 5:00 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

You demand? Well, seeing as you are contacting me from the beyond, I guess I shall update the blog with the new nickname of Starbuck, as I agree, it is a much better nickname :)

At October 26, 2008 at 9:27 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

the real question is... how many Halloween raves have you been to if this one was a particularly *bad* one...


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