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The definitive host: If F.D.R Was In J-School

The definitive host

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

If F.D.R Was In J-School

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself," said F.D.R in 1931.

I propose an addendum, which F.D.R probably would have agreed with if he were in my boots.

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Well, that and total failure of all your life-goals."

School is draining the life and exuberance out of me, like some sort of misinformed vampire.

Ever since reading week ended, I am always tired at the end of every day. Not just normal tired, but exhausted tired. But can I go to bed? No!
I have too much work to do to keep my life from crumbling all around me.

Doing TV is killing me, it's an exhausting experience made harder by all the lugging around of very heavy equipment. And the constant time stress of, "gotta do it FASTER, on time, impress the teacher and showcase all our new skils!"

If that was the only thing wrong here, I'd be ok. I mean, I survived Biology undergrad stress!

No, every day I get new rejections for UNPAID INTERNSHIPS! Seriously, most people in my program have something or other planned. I, I have nothing. To quote The Peach, "Life FAIL!"

And yet, the humiliation and terribleness does not end there my friends, no, it continues.

The subject that I dare not broach, is that of my Master's Research Project (or MRP). It is basically a large contribution to journalism in one of the three medium (print, radio or TV).

My original idea:
Go behind the scenes of zoos with a TV camera to show people all the good research and stuff that happens in zoos.
- EVERY zoo I contacted said no, because of either privacy, security or trade secrets.

Idea #2:
Look into the TB epidemic, and how it could be even worse becasue of the drug resistant strains.
- I was told I lacked a narrative arc.

Idea #3:
Follow a doctor going to a foreign country with an infectious disease epidemic for a week or two, and examine how modern doctor's treat patients in such situations.
- The organization (to remain nameless) said that in order to be considered, I repeat, CONSIDERED, I would have to get network backing. As in funding and a guarantee that it would air.
What apparently they did;t understand, is that I am a student and a network would have to be run by lobotomized monkeys with schizophrenia to promise a student airtime on TV.

Well, THAT was cathartic :)

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