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The definitive host: Election '08: The MANLY Edition

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Election '08: The MANLY Edition

It seemed a little odd that a Canadian blogger, such as myself, has not written a blog regarding the current Canadian election. Hence, this posting.

As a journalism student at Carleton University, we are told that we must follow the election with great interest. I have been from the very beginning, when the campaigns were first launched. And here is my completely biased opinion of the main candidates.

Stephen Harper - A family man wearing an almost over-powering blue sweater-vest. Honestly, in all my years in Canada, I cannot recall such a blatant about-face to change the public's opinion about the current Prime Minister. I knew he was married, but I was unaware that he even had children! Now, many people believe that he is the spawn of Satan, that he will bring about the End of Days, the Apocalypse, etc. I am not convinced about Harper bringing about the destruction of the world, I'm more concerned with that CERN super-collider revving up in October and destroying the world with mini-black holes! I can see why Harper's PR person wanted this change, but the ADS are just annoying. He'll probably become PM again, but I just hope he keeps his promises.

Stéphane Dion - I was watching CBC's the National last night, and I saw a Liberal party advertisement that was actually pretty good. EXCEPT for the fact that Dion did NOT APPEAR in it. I'm being serious! What kind of campaign has a leader that doesn't even show up in the ads? This perfectly encapsulates the Liberal campaign for me: DEFEAT HARPER, HIDE DION. Case in point: yesterday, his plane (another story...) had to make an emergency landing, and they basically partied with the press with drinks and food! The election isn't very far away... a little focus would be nice. Like Harper, the Liberal PR people tried to re-envision Dion as an average Canadian who snowshoes, plays hockey and hunts... seriously? The candidates are NOT normal people.... so stop pretending you are! We ALL enjoy hockey... but focus on your campaign, Dion!

Jack Layton - As people probably know, I like Jack Layton. He seems to be a genuinely nice guy with a very grandfather-ish appeal. I applaud his platform and his drive to improve the environment. His ads are ok, but the 1984 like ad in Quebec is a little much. He is a party leader that deserves more respect and credence than he is usually privy too. That being said, the NDP will most likely not win this election because many people are not sure of his exact party position, other than the Obama-esque slogan: "Choose Change". I believe more times should be spend focusing on what the NDP can do if elected, not how the NDP differs from the Liberals and Conservatives.

Elizabeth May - The Wild Card. She is a little bit of a firecracker, and I am excited that she will appear in the debates. The Green Party is finally getting some street cred! In no way, shape or form are they going to win this election, but I genuinely hope that they get a handful of seats and establish themselves as the party of a greener future!

So, here are out candidates:
Harper - Sweater-vested family man
Dion - The Liberal's shadow
Layton - The Grandpa
May - The wild card

My vote is still up for grabs, as my main criteria is on the environment. Whiel it is only one vote, I will use it with pride. After all, in my humble opinion, only those who can vote hold the right to complain!

But enough about me..... How will you vote?

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At September 25, 2008 at 10:50 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

the Liberals may be hesitant to promote Dion in all commercials due to many people lacking faith in his leadership abilities...just a thought


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