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The definitive host: Ottawa: Week 1

The definitive host

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ottawa: Week 1

G'day everyone!

Well, I've been in Ottawa for around a week now, and it still feels strange and unfamiliar. Let's start from the beginning:

After I officially moved in to my new place, I spent the day just getting used to my new situations. I then went to Carleton for the first time as a new student and attended a campus tour. While the tour was not very exciting or thorough, it did expose me to more of the campus. Following that was a pizza party meet and greet for ALL graduate students. I got to meet quite a few people, as well as a few from my program.

The next day was the first of Journalism orientation, where everyone was introduced and we were given time to mingle and interact. At first, I was worried because it seemed that everyone had an abundance of actual journalistic experience, while I did not. Luckily for me, there were quite a few stories of "I've always been interested in this, but I have no formal training", which parallels mine very closely. some of the MJ's (Master of Journalism) went out to the local campus graduate student bar, and it was nice to talk and get to know some of the others in a less formal setting.

The next day was TA day, in which we were told to meet with the professors that we were TA-ing with. I did, and he seems like an interesting fellow, but with a few interesting habits. I found out that most of my duties will be taking place during office hours on Wednesday, when I answer student queries and mark assignments. After that, was official TA training (BORING), but one of the speaker's was very, very humorous. After that, there was a TA BBQ, where a bunch if us just sat and talked again.

The following day, classes began! My first course, Journalism Law, seems interesting and intense, but absolutely necessry so I won't get sued in the near future ;)

Friday was the first 'Bootcamp' class focusing on Print journalism, where everyone introduced themselves again in greater detail. Then, we broke for lunch and went for a MJ retreat in Québec in a genuine log cabin. We met prof's, certain needs were addressed (plagarism, ethics, etc..) and then we all went for a swim in the nearby lake. I even jumped in using a very primitive looking rope swing! Then, it was a BBQ and then, lots of getting to know everyone else. Once we got back to Ottawa, most of us went into Byward Market (a very busy pub and club area) and drank at a bar called 'The Honest Lawyer', guess they do exist. After drinking and talking, a few of us played pool where I made a few good shots. Then, we went to another bar, called the Highland Pub, where very bad live music took place. Following that, we all went our separate ways.

I live on a bus route, and I asked a city bus driver on the way back to Carleton how late the specific bus ran. He said the last one departed at 12:30am. Suffice it to say, he was mistaken and I had to take a $16 cab ride home.

And today, I slept in and bought some much needed textbooks.

Well, there you have it ladies and gentlemen, you are officially caught up on my journey, henceforth know as: David - Ottawa style.

I'll update and talk to you all soon.



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